How do our courses look like?

Coffee Tasting Laboratory

Want to learn how to cup coffee and how to find the potential flavours in the cup? The laboratory tasting session is the professional course of the tasting. You learn how to taste coffee and to narrow down the individual flavours in the cup by comparing the coffee to other flavours and aromas.

Barista Professional Course

This course is designed to test key aspects expected of a professional barista. Primarily it is for someone working as a barista for at least 12 months with some management responsibilities.

Intro to Coffee and Roasting

In addition to learning essential general coffee knowledge and about the journey coffee makes from the farm to your front door, students will obtain the fundamentals of how to begin roasting coffee.

Coffee Varietals


This varietal is named after the Pacas Family who first discovered it on their farm in El Salvador in 1949. It is a natural mutation of Bourbon and is very similar in cup profile, but it is often a shorter tree making it easier to harvest.


Pacamara is a hybrid of the Pacas and Maragogype varietals and is thought to have been developed in El Salvador in 1958. The beans and leaves are very large and are well suited to high altitudes.


This is considered to be a mutation of Typica that was named after one of the planters in India who was working on a selection programme in the 1920s.

Tips For Making A Good Cup Of Coffee

About us


Our love for coffee comes from its power to connect people all over the world. Our aim is to strengthen this connection by sharing our stories and relationships with fantastic people. We offer you to join our team and take up our coffee courses.

Clarice Garnier Aurayan Coffee Co-Founder